Taking Responsibility For Your Own Healthy Lifestyle Choices

There is a wealth of information on the internet about women’s health and fitness but ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Do you want to boost your energy levels?
  • Maintain a healthy weight?
  • Reduce your stress levels?
  • Lead a healthier life?
  • Reassess your lifestyle choices?
  • Find an exercise routine designed to fit your lifestyle?

Whatever your reasons or motivation changing your lifestyle and habits, it is a gradual process. You will need to take a look across the range of fitness and exercise, women’s health issues and menopause, nutrition, stress management, weight management and personal development.

Here are seven top tips to help you on your way.

  1. Commit your self to a regular exercise / walking routine. Choose an activity which you enjoy, don’t force yourself down to the gym or to go swimming if those are not activities you would enjoy doing in the long term.
  2. It helps to have an exercise buddy – you can help to motivate each other.
  3. If you have been suffering from broken sleep or insomnia, remember exercise is not only a stress reliever but can also help you get a good night’s sleep.
  4. The menopause if a huge change in a woman’s life. See it as a positive change and embrace the new you. Don’t forget, crying is a common symptom of the menopause. Let it flow and help heal your body.
  5. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology can help the body rebalance.
  6. Try eating foods that are different colours – rainbow foods.
  7. Zero energy can be caused by too many refined sugars. Too much can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals and could lead to zero energy.

Visualise what you want to achieve and be aware of the feelings and thoughts that may arise from this. To get there; set yourself some good, achievable, realistic goals. Applaud your achievements and be true to yourself – it can be very empowering. You will feel a new sense of purpose; have more energy and a zest for life!

Take responsibility for your own healthy lifestyle choices [http://www.a-zhealthylifestylechoices.co.uk].

If you act now, you will feel the benefits in just a short space of time, and know that your lifestyle changes will impact your health and wellbeing in the long-term too.

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Travel Eco Friendly – 7 Quick Tips For Making Your Travel Plans More Environmentally Friendly

If you have led your family to live a greener lifestyle over the past year, it’s only fitting that you give your vacation a green makeover as well.

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so it’s no wonder that eco-friendly family vacations are growing in popularity.

Eco-friendly vacations are affordable and fit a wide range of tastes. By adjusting your schedule, making a few important choices and thinking with an environmentally friendly perspective, you can have a vacation that leaves less of an impression on Mother Earth. Here are 7 quick tips for a more environmentally friendly vacation:

1. Unplug. Traveling eco-friendly starts before you leave the house. Your home uses a lot of power even when you aren’t there because of appliances that are left plugged in. Before you leave on your trip, be sure to unplug any unnecessary appliances such as your television, your computer and even your washer and dryer.

2. Configure your Furnace or AC. Turn off your heating and cooling system, if possible. If you live in an area where your pipes would freeze, or if you have pets that need climate control while you are gone, be sure to learn how to program your AC and heater so they aren’t running continuously while you are gone. Set some of your lights on a timer for security purposes. You’ll save money and save power as well.

3. Fly direct. If you are flying to your vacation destination, try to find a direct flight from your home airport to your destination. Airplanes use a lot of fuel when they land and take off. By flying direct, you’ll be saving on the fuel that is distributed into the air. You’re also voting with your dollars and encouraging the airline to have more direct flights.

4. Purchase Carbon Offset Credits. You can also opt for Carbon Off-set credits to offset the fuel used in your flight. Ask your airline if it offers a carbon off-set program. If not, you can always buy credits from a separate company. The company will use that money to fund renewable energy products or plant trees.

5. Consider all your travel options. Look into taking the train instead of an airplane. Riding on the train can be a fun experience for the whole family. Not only will you be using less fuel but it will be a trip that your children will remember for years to come.

6. Rent a hybrid. When you arrive at your destination, rent a hybrid car to get you from place to place or take public transportation.

7. Stay at eco-friendly hotels. When searching for a place to stay, ask about the hotel’s eco-friendly policies. Many major chains are practicing recycling, using non-toxic cleaning products or replacing regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones. By asking, you are letting the hotel industry know that you care about these issues. You can find independent eco-friendly hotels by searching online. The Green Hotels Association has a list of environmentally friendly vacation spots.

Eco-friendly vacations are easily within your reach if you do some simple research. You don’t have to visit the middle of rainforest to be environmentally friendly. You can get an eco-friendly vacation by simply making better choices for your travel options.

Small Business Excuses Which Are Utter Nonsense

It’s an excuse I have heard too often from small businesses. ‘it’s so much easier for the larger, more established businesses. As a small business, or a new business, we’re at such a disadvantage.’ Utter tosh, and here’s why.

As a small business, or a new business, it is not acceptable to blame problems, difficulties or challenges on the mere fact that the business is small, or new. Indeed, smallness and newness are very much advantages, or can be if you apply a little ingenuity, a little forward thinking and accept a little appreciation of the options available to you.

First of all, let’s consider the benefits a small business has over a large one. Yes, a small business really does have benefits compared to its much larger rivals. Think of a cruise ship and a speedboat driving at full speed at night. Up ahead is a large iceberg, although not easy to see until you’re up quite close.

The cruise ship spots it, and starts to veer to one side, although another iceberg is up ahead, meaning that regular adjustments need to be made. There’s an awful lot of frantic checking and calculating and steering and re-checking, and not a lot of very responsive changes in direction. Often it’s best to slow down a little, take stock and do things carefully step by step.

The nippy little motorboat however is able to adjust course very quickly, dodging obstacles and changing course rapidly to take advantage of new open pathways, and steering well away from any potential problems or dead ends.

You don’t need me to explain how that analogy works in terms of large and small businesses. But today with online technology and social media marketing new opportunities can open up with little or no warning, and it may take larger business very much longer to take advantage of those opportunities. Be on the lookout for opportunities and pounce on them in order to completely outmanoeuvre the bigger businesses.

What about newer businesses – do they have any advantage over more established ones? Yes, of course. Let me explain through another analogy. This time imagine a house that’s been standing for a couple of hundred years. Over time the land has shifted, the river has widened and the ground has become wetter. The old house is starting to creak and crack, and has had to be held together with metal poles, pushed up by metal struts and reinforced with buttresses.

On the other hand, consider the property being built on the same ground, but taking stock of the current conditions, and more aware of the likely direction the ground saturation will take in future. This house is built on raised stilts, and is fully capable of coping with the damp conditions.

Newer businesses are built within the context of present day opportunities and customer preferences. By developing businesses from the very early days within the context of the current climate it is possible to create a resilient, responsive and dynamic business presence which is not going to suffer under the weight of many years’ patching, fixing and adapting older businesses are having to cope with.

There are other excuses given by smaller or newer business too, including online businesses and even those who run their business entirely from home. I’ve heard excuses such as ‘it’s easier for more established or larger businesses because they have flashy business addresses, premises and offices,’ or, ‘larger businesses can afford to hire teams of telephone operators to answer the phones all day, whereas I have to do that as well as run my business,’ and even ‘larger more established businesses can afford accountants to do their bookkeeping, whereas we smaller businesses have to spend huge amounts of time trying to do it all internally.’

These excuses are by no means more than scratching the surface, but I utterly refute them all, as I do the very fact that a business is new, or small, or even both.

Even the most causal of searches online will reveal excellent virtual office service providers, offering very affordable and easily scalable business services such as a virtual office address, fully equipped meeting rooms as and when required, telephone answering services, mail handling services, invoicing and bookkeeping services and much, much more.

Being small or new is absolutely not an excuse for feeling that second place is the best that you can hope for. Grab the opportunities, overcome the challenges and steer a course through the inevitably interesting path ahead towards the success which will be richly deserved. All it takes is to stop making excuses and start taking the right action.